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Forum Thread: Checklist in Finding a Home Inspector

To do list: Must provide a clear and detailed report. Having a building inspections in Melbourne is vital as laws governing house sales stipulate that it is "Buyer Beware. It is up to the purchaser to conduct the relevant checks to establish the condition of the property. An inspection done by an experienced building inspector can potentially save a would-be buyer thousands of dollars.

Forum Thread: Hire an Inspector? What Should Be Their Qualities?

Hire an Inspector is your number one resource for finding a qualified home inspector in your area. We are a One Stop Shop for finding an Inspector that ticks all the boxes. Employing a Home Inspector does not have to be stressful or time consuming. At Hire an Inspector we've done the research for you. All Inspectors are competent, experienced, thorough and trustworthy. All are Registered Builders who are fully insured.

1. The Five Stages: Collect

Ideas for the collecting stage go here. To start, what works best for you? An "in" basket, a tablet, a smart phone? What are you using to collect the "loops" that are hanging out in your mind. I am currently using a program called Makagiga, which is a neat program concept that is cross-platform compatible. However, it seems to hang on Windows 7 after not being used for a few minutes. I will be trying out Remember the Milk.

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